Interested in understanding what makes individuals more or less able to cope with infection, advancing age, or environmental change?


An open PhD position in evolutionary ecology

A PhD position is available to work on themes broadly related to evolutionary ecology and genetics. Using species of Daphnia and their associated pathogens as powerful experimental model, the successful candidates will work closely with supervisors to develop projects that explore the eco-evolutionary processes that underpin the invasion of populations, the spread of disease, life-history evolution or ageing, or combinations of the above. Our groups research is broadly themed around understanding the evolutionary genetic of life’s big challenges – sex, death and disease. Candidates with experience in evolutionary genetics, behavioural ecology or physiological ecology are encouraged to apply, although experience in these areas is not necessary.

Some open projects include:

  • Sexual antagonism, mutation and the evolutionary trajectory of disease
  • Metabolic theory, pace of life, and population dynamics
  • Invasion biology and the epidemiology of infection