We are a new lab and looking for post-grads and post-docs to join us



Dr Matt Hall, Senior Lecturer and ARC Future Fellow
email: matthew.hall -at- monash.edu
twitter: @mattd_hall

Matt completed his PhD at the University of New South Wales in 2009. He then moved to Switzerland to take up a Marie Curie Fellowship at the University of Basel, and subsequently a Velux Foundation Fellowship at the ETH Zürich. While there he studied the evolutionary genetics of host-pathogen interactions. In 2014, Matt returned to Australia to begin a lectureship with the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University. He currently hold an ARC Future Fellowship to explore the link between male-female adaptation and infectious disease evolution.

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Louise Solveig Nørgaard, PhD Candidate
email: louise.noergaard -at- monash.edu

Louise joined our lab in June, 2016. Louise completed her Masters in Biology in 2015 at Aalborg University, Denmark. Her work focused on the genetic structure and diet of the invasive raccoon dog in Denmark, supervised by Cino Pertoldi. Following her Masters, Louise worked as a Research Assistant on a biodiversity project in Lille Vildmose, before moving to Australia. Her work in the Hall Lab explores Evolution on the Edge, developing a model system for understanding evolution on invasion fronts, using Daphnia and associated pathogens as a model system.

Tobias Hector, PhD Candidate
email: tobias.hector -at- monash.edu

Toby joined our lab in July 2016. Toby completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Stirling, Scotland. Here his work focussed on the correlated evolution of sex specific traits. After finishing his undergraduate degree Toby worked as a field research assistant and manager on a long term guppy mark-recapture project in Trinidad. He is now exploring the effect that climate change and environmental variation have on the evolutionary dynamics of infectious disease.


Lindsey Heffernan, Lab Manager/ Research Assistant
email: lindsey.heffernan -at- monash.edu

Lindsey joined our lab in April 2016 as a Research Assistant/Lab Manager. Lindsey has worked as a Research Assistant in the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University since 2014. Her previous position was with Dr. Carla Sgrò, an evolutionary biologist interested in the genetic basis of adaptation to environmental change. Lindsey is currently overseeing the Hall Lab and works on a project looking at how sex-specific challenges influence the outcome of pathogen evolution, using the well-studied ecological model, Daphnia.

Former members


Stephen Gipson, PhD Candidate
email: stephen.gipson -at- monash.edu 

Stephen joined the lab after finishing his undergrad studies at the University of New Orleans. In New Orleans he studied whole-organism performance in Anolis lizards under Dr. Simon Lailvaux. He is now exploring the interplay between host sex and pathogen evolution using experimental evolution, quantitative genetics and genomics.

Melanie Clerc, Masters Student 
twitter: @MelanieClerc1

Melanie completed her Masters in 2013 at the University of Basel, on the implications of within-host dynamics for the evolution of virulence. Her work showed how the evolutionary potential of disease changes over the course of infection. Melanie is now a PhD student within the group of Amy Pedersen group at Edinburgh University. 

Jessica Michel, Masters Student 

As part of a Masters at the University of Basel, Jessica studied how ecological important characteristics such as population density can impact on disease dynamics across multiple generations.